Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sr's 92-HOMECOMING QUEEN (part 2) [edited]

I had major outpouring of love and gifts during this time.

I have to admit I loved the attention, but still had a hard time justifying that reason that I got Queen. There was no time for justifying because I had a dress to find, an acceptance speech to write, and many more things to do and we did not have much time to do them in. Homecoming was about three weeks away. There were two attendants for each class (Seniors, Juniors, Sophmores, and Freshman), and it was my responsibility to tell them what to wear and how to fix their hair. Bubba was responsible for the guys. This must be what it is like to be a bride was what I thought (and I am still guessing on that one)! I had been good friends with one of the senior attendants, Kristy, and so I let her decide what kind of dress they should wear. After she picked out the pattern I had a meeting with all the gals and their moms. I told them I wanted this day to be as special for them as it was going to be for me. That I wanted them to do what they wanted with their hair, shoes, and jewelry decisions. On the same day that Kristy picked out the pattern for the attendant dresses I picked out my pattern for my dress. My aunt (moms sis-in-law) was going to make it, and so she was with us too. I visited with my hairdresser on a couple of different hairstyles we were thinking of doing. She wanted to do a hairstyle kind of like one that Julia Roberts wore in the movie “Steel Magnolias” for her wedding. Due to my hair being so fine it does not hold curl very well so she decided to do a trial run. She rolled it in rags! Where she learned this I will never know, but we were in Oklahoma, YEEHAW! It would have the shape of Nellie's hair on the Little House and the Prairie. When my mom took out "the rags" (that is exactly what they look like too) from a night of sleeping on them she had to struggle. When they were all out my hair it was in such tight ringlets that I could not even brush my hair. I had to wash it out to put a comb through it! It was funny. Needless to say we decided to use a curling iron and a bunch of maximum hold hairspray!! As I was at the hairdresser's she was telling me about the homecoming process at her daughters high school, and that they had to buy and wear their dresses before they found out who won. She said one of the girls had a very expensive and beautiful wedding gown. She did not win and never really got to wear the dress. She said she would have her daughter talk to the girl about borrowing it for a backup in case my aunts dress doesn't work. I was like okay, but I did not feel anything would go wrong with my aunts dress. My hairdresser had a nail technician in her shop, and set up an appointment for me to get my nails done before the bonfire the day before homecoming. The speech I wrote was short but sweet. During school we would have run throughs of the assembly, and of the half time show of the football game that night. On one occasion Bubba was helping me to walk by letting me hold onto him (he was not used to helping me walk). My knees gave out on me (this happened a lot), and I fell. I did not hurt myself but it scared Bubba pretty bad. He went over to Kristy and told her what happened and that he will never help again. He thought he was doing something wrong. Kristi set him straight and told him not to worry about it that it has happened with everyone who has helped her. The day before homecoming one of the local newspapers came to write a story on me being homecoming queen despite my physical disability. I felt all-important! After school I went to get my nails done. They were painted red and were long and pretty. Bubbas mom and little sis used my hairdresser too (Keeta was her name, and her shop was used by bunches in our area.) Bubbas mom told me that he is most nervous about dropping me at the dance (We were supposed to dance the first slow song together). I was surprised he mentioned that to be his most nervous moment. While we were there we picked up the backup dress.

Off we went to the bonfire. It was big and warm. Of course, we brought wire hangers and marshmallows! Loud cheers and clapping made the atmosphere.

Another local newspaper had come to interview me and Bubba. I was getting tons of attention because of this. I did catch some flack from being homecoming queen from the other students. I heard a few rumors that came from a couple of girls that I called friends, HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA!  One of the rumors was that I was giving one of the girls who was nominated dirty and snobby looks in the hall. So I called the girl (I considered us friends even though we did not hang out a lot or anything, but I had her number) to make sure this wasn't what she thought. She told me that we were cool and that she never thought those things. I told her who started spreading them. I guess she spoke to them. One of the girls came up to me at the bonfire to apologize. What jealous girls. There were a few other things that were brought to my attention. I tried to eliminate the rumors before they got out of hand. Other remarks I would just overlook. For the most part it was all good! After the bonfire my mom and I went to my aunts house to get the dress and try it on. For some reason it was not working though. My aunt kept going back upstairs to her sewing machine. The shoulder straps weren't hanging right. It was 11 p.m., and I was getting sleepy. We were all getting frustrated, but I am sure my aunt was the most frustrated. She makes clothes all the time. My mom went and got the backup dress out of her car. I tried it on, and it fit like a glove! It was beautiful with big ruffles going down the back. Everything happens for a reason! I was sad that my aunts dress didn’t work, but so glad at that moment we had the backup. Felt it was meant to be. I never did get to meet the generous young lady who let me borrow her dress.

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S
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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you mentioned the newspaper interview. To this day I still remember the day my mom brought me the article and said "Look who got homecoming queen!" I guess I was about 12 and very shy, but I remember thinking "If she could do it then I can do it" or at least be included in things like that. It helped me feel like anything was possible, disability or not. I never got homecoming queen, but I did go to prom and was in National Honor Society and I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to go to Prom (dateless no less!) if I hadn't had your story to give me confidence. I'm so glad your friend wouldn't let you drop out that first day.


MISS S said...

Your comment gave me goose bumps! When I hear stories like that from people it gives me a feeling of purpose. That makes me glad that my friend did not let me drop out on the first day either! Thank you so much for sharing your comment.


Kelley said...

I remember!! I was in Science class. I picked up my teachers newspaper and saw pic of a girl with a WHS on the front and knew the school. I hadnt seen you in what 5 yrs, i didnt recognize you until i read and seen your name. I began to cry and everyone in class was asking whats wrong? I was so happy for you!!

MISS S said...

Hey Kelley.
Haven't heard from u in a while on here. Thanks for still checking me out and commenting. It is so weird when I hear stories like these where u knew where u were at and what u were doing when u found out about me getting H Queen. I am glad to know those were happy tears u had for me, LOL!!

Parisjasmal said...

Hey La Rey!

I knew you during that time, and I remember how excited you were and how much a certain someone we know tried to take over and bask in your glory.

I am glad you are able to relive and share your memories.