Sunday, March 04, 2007


Let's take a few steps back to right before my 11th grade year began shall we? My aunt (mom’s youngest sister) was due to give birth to her second child sometime in August. She was planning to deliver the baby in a birthing room. There she would be able to invite as many people in the room she wanted. My mom was there to see her first baby born, and this time she was going to let my mom and I both be in the room. I was excited. The call came in the morning as her water broke, and she was admitted into the hospital. Once we got there she was not in one of the birthing rooms, but just a regular room. All of the birthing rooms were full, and so she got stuck in just a regular room. She was only allowed to have two people in the room at the time of delivery. Without a doubt I knew one of them was going to be her husband. I figured she would let my mom stay again. My aunt looked at my mom. My mom said she would let me stay. I was very excited and nervous for my aunt. One of the nurses came into the room, and told me I was going to have to leave as soon as the delivery was to begin. I asked why. She said because I was too young! I said I was 16 years old, and that there were kids younger than me having babies. I told her that my aunt agreed I could stay. I looked at my aunt and she told her it was fine. They told me to stay in the corner out of the way. I was using my wheelchair of course. So the pushing and stuff begins. I was trying to push as much as she was! I could hear some other ladies just screaming down the hall as they were giving birth. I had seen the TV shows, and how possessed women can act and figured my aunt would be like that. Mind you she had no drugs! She had few moments when she was in pain and you knew it, but for the most part she was very calm. At one point she turned and looked at me to ask me how I was doing. I think having me there helped her not to focus on the pain. After I told her not to worry about me she then told me that the pushing wasn't hard! My eyes were big enough and she was thinking that it was a walk in the park! What a brave woman! The doctor said, "I see the head." So I unlock my breaks on my wheelchair, and scooted up closer so I could see what was happening. It was amazing to see a living, breathing, life! It was a boy! After the nurses cleaned him up they went to give him to my aunt. She stopped them and told them to let me hold him first. What an honor. I will never forget that. That baby boy is a grown man now who is going to be starting college soon. Do I feel old or what?

This was a big deal in my life to witness and I wanted to share. Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S.


Andrew said...

What an honor this must have been! I have a little girl of my own and was first to hold her so I know how much it really means to hold a newborn child for the first time. You really are blessed to have such a thoughtfull aunt.

MISS S said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew. I am glad u know how I feel, and yes I am very blessed to have her as an Aunt.