Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sr's 92- 10/4/91 HOMECOMING QUEEN (part 1)

About 130 seniors piled into the auditorium for the first senior meeting of our school year in September. Everyone sat with their own little clich├ęs. It was the band geeks (as they were called), the popular crowd (cheerleaders, football players and other jocks), the head banging crowd (the rockers who would smoke, drink, possibly do drugs, party all night and sleep all day), and the loners (who would set by themselves but would always do anything just so they could fit in). I felt like John Hughes was going to walk in at any moment to direct "The Breakfast Club: Part Two"! I did not really fall under any category for a certain clique. I made my way through everyone and did not dislike any one person (for the most part). I felt like some were just misunderstood, and I knew all too well what that felt like. That was my group. The purpose of the meeting was to nominate the years King and Queen. It was a very big deal, because it would mean that you would reign over the school for that year. The day is celebrated with a coronation assembly, a reception, pictures out of a studio, crowning at the homecoming football game, and a dance. Each senior wrote on a piece of paper the name of a gal and a guy senior who they thought would represent the class and school well. As we were doing this I thought I could hear whispers of my name. I thought I was hearing things, because I never even thought I stood a chance of this. Later that day on the intercom the vice principal called out names of the top 10 guys and gals who made it, and asked that they report to the Library. I was in complete shock when I heard my name. At that time my class was office help answering the main switchboard. There was one other student in this class with me,Waco, and he was nominated as the King. He was a very good friend to me. So off we went to the library together. On our way he asked me what I thought about being nominated. I told him I was going to drop out, and that this was a big joke. We quit walking, and he told me he was not going to let that happen because I had more friends than I know. He sat by me the whole time we were in the library to in sure that I did not raise my hand to quit. My thought at that time was “Okay, I can do this, because next the seniors will vote again for top five and there is no chance that I will get that." After the seniors voted again I made the top five. I got very nervous at this time. I did not consider myself popular enough, pretty enough, not to mention my physical problems. I just did not fit the mold. After the top five from the seniors were voted on it went to an all school vote. All of the nominees were introduced at a pep rally held in the football stadium the day before the first game that night. We had to stand in front of the student body. I remember walking out with one of the other nominees. I had white Reebok high tops on (I had a white and a black pair, and I wore them constantly. They were the most supportive shoe for me walking), a pair of jeans, and my class of 92 royal blue jersey shirt with my name on the back. Hoping I did not embarrass myself by tripping over my two left feet! I did it, I just stood there holding onto my friend and waving as they said my name. I surprised myself by not dropping out before the pep rally. My thought at this time was "okay, I can do this, because now it goes to an all school vote and there is no chance I will get that." They will have five people to vote from but only three will make it. One Queen and two attendants. I am for sure sweating buckets on the day everyone votes! The decision was in, and we were called in to a classroom that was not being used at the moment. First, they had to keep us gals in suspense by telling the guys who got it. My friend Bubba got King! Don't laugh, everyone from the south has a friend or relative named Bubba. Am I right or am I right? Bubba was who I voted for. He was (and still is) an extremely nice (looking) gentleman, and a friend of mine since kindergarten! He was one of the stars of the football team, and fit the mold for being our King. I was happy for him. Then they announced the gals. Of course, they mentioned the attendants first. My name was not one of them. I let out a sigh of relief thinking that I was not getting anything. The other two gals who were not named either were very deserving of the title. So I figured one of them would get it, and that I would have been happy just to be nominated! Then they mentioned my name as the homecoming queen. I was in shock, and thinking there should be a recount or something! Maybe my ears needed cleaning for I thought they said my name! I was looking around surveying the room to see what the reactions on the other faces. Nobody looked pissed off, and some were congratulating me. Tears started rolling down my face. I could not believe it and was waiting to wake-up from this dream.

 The first thing I did once I left the room was call my parents. They were very happy! The Vice Principal came into the room as I was calling them and jokingly told me congrats, and that I could pay him for stuffing the votes later, LOL! I loved him. I came home and told my brother. He was so happy that he wanted to drop me off at school, and help me to class that morning. He never wanted to do that before. I remember walking down the hall that morning with my brother getting stares and hearing whispers that I was the Homecoming Queen. That was one of the first times I felt that my bro was proud to have me as his sis.

Due to the fact me sharing my Homecoming experience is longer than expected I am going to spread it out into 3 separate posts. So be sure to check in so you can get the whole story. Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S


Anonymous said...

hey stephanie- that is so cool! i was a choir nerd in high school, so that's where i fit in. i guess that mold fit me, since i teach choir now. i can't wait to read the rest of the story. :) laura :)

MISS S said...

We have those two but I think they were combined in with the band geeks. Some of my best friends were band geek's! I am so glad that we got in touch, and that you are now reading my blog and commenting. It makes me feel good.