Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Being a senior is what I had been waiting for. Physically I did not know if I would be able to make walking at school. My knees were giving out on me a lot, and my balance and coordination seemed to have progressed more. Walking any kind of a distance would make me out of breath. I had started using my wheelchair in the house during the summer which I had not done before. My mom and I had a meeting with the principal about a week before school started to make sure we were on the same page where my accommodations were concerned. For example, leaving class 5 minutes early, having two people assist me in walking, and the length of my classrooms between them. We had done this every year I had been there. And every year there was something else added to the list. The day before the meeting as a family we discussed the possibility that due to liability I would be going to another school that would be wheelchair accessible. This frightened me. I was comfortable there, and mostly everyone already knew my drunken self. So I did not want to have to start over. I had been to school since elementary with some of my classmates. The principal did not bring that up at that meeting. That was a big sigh of relief. There was other authority figures there as well. It was like they didn’t want me to leave, and were willing to do anything to keep me there. Made me feel good.

THE NEW CONCERNS/ACCOMODATIONS: Due to the fact that my brother had graduated my mom was now taking me to school. She would drop me off about 30 minutes before classes would begin so she could get to work on time. I needed somewhere I could sit to wait on class. English was my first hour class, and directly across the hall was the vice principal's office. I loved him (Mr. Henlsley-VP) as did everyone else. Mr. Hensley was always joking around with us (he was my Aunts {dads sis} driver’s ed teacher, LOL). He was at the meeting and offered me to wait in his office, and that his secretary would gladly walk me over to class on time. I had known her for a long time. She was in PTA when my mom was during elementary school. Her cute son was in the same grade as my brother. Small world, huh? We became good friends even though she didn’t get me a date w/ her cute son! Mr. H would surprise me sometimes with a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk for breakfast from the cafeteria! What a good way to start my day! That was one concern taking care of, and the next one was the bathroom. Sometimes the bathroom was not close, and I would not have enough time to go to the bathroom and get to class on time. Even if I had a pass during class it may take longer than normal for me. They assured me that it would be okay. One of my classes was accounting, and the teacher had a rolling table in which I would sit on. One of the other students (girls) would push me to the restroom. It was down the hall. I looked so funny sitting on that long table. GO SPEED RACER GO!! I remember one time going into someone else's classroom when I was on the table just waving, and saying Hi! Another one of my classes was office help. I would answer the switchboard in the main office. They would let me use the restroom in there for employees instead of having to go to the restroom down the hall. It all worked out. I still got piggy back rides sometimes. After leaving the meeting I was wore out, and I knew what little I had walked was nothing compared to what I was going to do when school started. I was very sad and came very close to throwing up my hands, and telling my mom I wanted to go somewhere where I could use my wheelchair because I couldn’t handle it. I did keep going though, and am so glad that I didn't give up. My life would not have been the same at all as you will see in the upcoming posts. This year was filled with so many wonderful and funny memories that it will take about 9 posts to talk about. Those memories kept me going! Just to give you a heads up on these future posts, and to help my memory to not forget to talk about them I will give a short outline.

SENIORS 92*Homecoming Queen
*Is it a trick or a treat?
*My first date
*The Nutcracker (ballet)
*Senior activities (scavenger hunt, hayride, canoeing)
*Playing Loto!
*Every rose has it’s thorn!
*Treasure Island
*The Season Finale

Staying in the same high school taught me some major life lessons. It taught me to never give up. There is not one person who does not require some kind of accommodations for something. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it (even know I still struggle with this sometimes), and know you are not alone. Just be yourself! No matter how unbalanced or how uncoordinated I was I was more happy, relaxed, and liked when I was just being me. I would love to hear any life lessons you have learned and how?

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S

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