Thursday, February 01, 2007


On a general spectrum 10th grade was okay. It was weird without my sidekick (Kari) around. I felt as though I didn’t have to try as hard at friendships. I automatically belonged just by being in her presence, so that made things different for me. Due to the new found confidence in myself that I got through my amazing friendship with her, my wonderful summer at camp, and that empowering event for MDA that made things easier for me. Yes, my bro was now a senior but we were bro and sis if you get my drift. Physically I did not seem that I really progressed much, and was still stubborn.

As the door had opened up for me the summer before with my speaking engagement I decided to take speech class the following year in school. This was also the first year that speech was offered in my school. Our teacher had informed us that there would be a contest near the end of the semester. It had to be a debatable speech and that we should start preparing for it. This was the first speech contest that our high school had ever been entered into. I wanted to give it a whirl, so me and a few other students signed up. I came home a nervous wreck not knowing what I was going to speak about. I told my parents what I was doing, and my dad goes “hold on a minute”. He goes into his bedroom, and comes out with a bunch of notecards. He said he did this speech in Junior College over abortion, and got a B on it handing me the notecards. I read it and it was really good. It was not pro-life or pro-choice per se it was more like I am going to give you the facts and let you decide which road to take. I read it over several times and every time I read it I liked it even more. Of course I had to do a lot of tweeking to it to make it sound like it was from 1990 and not 1965! I was happy with what I had done. My dad had a Barney Fife look (Andy Griffith Show), held his head high, and often reminded me that it was his speech and that I owe him! So off to the contest I went. Still being stubborn I did not bring a wheelchair and wore a dress with dress shoes! Everyone looked so sophisticated and very smart in their. That was intimidating to me, but I went in there with confidence of knowing I could bring it! Right before it was my turn to go on my palms got sweaty, and the butterflies were in full force in my stomach. When it was my turn I began to speak and all my anxieties went away as I was in my element. We went to an assembly where they gave out the awards. I knew I did well, but did not expect to get an award. There were people that had competed in these kind of contests for a long time, but J Lo and behold it I didn't get first place! It was an awesome feeling. Of course, my dad was strutting around like he was the winner. He couldn’t believe it because he only got a B on it! I told him that is what happens when you leave things up to a female!! LOL

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S

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