Saturday, January 27, 2007


What a time of reflection, and a time to say "What in the heck was I thinking?" Where do I begin! I guess I will start with my fashion statement from my head to the toes.

The bigger the better! We used to call the waterfall look to my bangs the doener! Aqua net hairspray was my best friend as it was the only thing that would hold my hair so stiff that nothing could tear that baby down! For a couple of years I tried to go with a short hairdo. But needless to say I looked like Raggedy Ann as she got her finger stuck in a light socket! Several years ago as I was visiting my friend Jen I showed her some pictures of me back in the day. I showed her one when I was sporting this hairdo. She could not get over how hilarious it was. We call it the JT hairdo because it is like Justin Timberlake's hair when he was on N'sync. The group was popular at that time when I showed her the picture. I would sing, "It's gonna be me!!" That's all I have to say about that!

THE CLOWN FACEI started wearing makeup in sixth grade (85-‘86). I did not have a makeup trainer, and it showed! I was all about the blue eye shadow, and liquid foundation that I would use so much that it would leave a mark on my chin line. I was also wearing eyeliner and mascara. I know what you must be thinking, How do I still have eyes right? Even the mascara was blue. Forget the fact that I was a drunk, I think this was the real reason I never got any boys!! That's all I have to say about that!

THE WARDROBEAs far as the clothes arena goes the fashion police probably would have arrested me! I wore the long t-shirts that I would bunch to one side and weave through this jewelry thing. I don't even get that, but okay! There was no way that my mom would fathom the idea of spending $60 on a pair of jeans for the triangle label that said “Guess” on the back pocket. But one of my Aunts worked at a thrift store, and they had a pair of bright green carpenter guess jeans. Instead of the triangle logo on the back it was a little rectangular patch on the knee of the pocket. You had to be up close to see it. They cost me two dollars, and I wore those pants until I could wear them no more! I have long legs, and after a few washes I was wading in some high water, but that did not keep me from wearing them! And when I wanted to “get physical” Olivia Newton-John style I had some leg warmers and sweat bands! It was cool to own a pair of jelly shoes. I had a hard time walking anyway I do not know what made me look cool in jelly shoes. I also had a generic pair of Keds with the shoe laces that had the “totally awesome” sayings on them. I am still alive, and without therapy I might add! And that is all I have to say about that.

Music was even a bigger part of my life. As I would hold my tape recorder to my alarm clock radio so I could record the latest songs from Casey Kasem. Or sing along on my little Star Studio (Karioke machine). It was my refuge from the storm! Concerts were also an enjoyment for me to go to. My first concert was in 1986 when I saw Bryan Duncan, a Christian singer, with my youth group. I even got my picture taken with him at the time! He was a cutie patootie. I absolutely loved him, and saw him three more times in concert after that. I also had been to see George Strait and Clint Black during the 80s. It was awesome! It was around the time when YO MTV raps and hip-hop began to surface. My brother loved that. Two songs that I remember hearing that most was, "The Freaks Come Out at Night" and "Money, Money, Money, Money, Cash Money!" My cousin, who lived with us, was getting ready to go into the Army, and gave my brother and I a bunch of his stuff. He gave me his cassette by the group Poison called "Look What the Cat Dragged in!" I played that thing until the cassette tape broke. If my hair would have only looked as good as some of those 80s rock bands, LOL! I always thought Sebastian Bach from Skid Row’s hair was the bomb! Bon Jovi and his tush was up there to in my book!

In the movie category I was all in to anything directed by John Hughes. For example, 16 Candles, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club. There is more I know, but I cannot think. That was until 1987 when I put them in the corner so I could see Baby and Johnny have the time of their life! I was so obsessed with the movie Dirty Dancing that I remember buying a pound of peanut M&M’s, renting the movie, and watching it like four times in one setting while eating the entire bag of M&M's. The next morning I had the biggest zit on my nose. I wonder why? I knew that movie by heart, and had both of the soundtracks for it. I had the biggest crush on Patrick Swayze. I had five or six posters of him hanging on my pink walls! I bet I could have danced in a straight line with him as my dance instructor! I still show the movie my love and watch it every time I know it is on TV. I also have a DVD of it.

Most of my TV viewing pleasure was found on MTV, but there were few shows that I could not miss. My friend Tonya and I liked Doogie Howser M.D. so much that we would record it, and get several hours of it on their. The episodes would come on Wednesday night's when we were both at church. I would go over to Tonya's house, and we would watch it while sharing a big bowl of popcorn. On Saturday mornings I was starting the day getting my Zach Morris fix with Saved by the Bell! I also loved the show Life Goes On. Finally, someone with a disability gets an acting gig! LOL God love Corky!!

I cannot forget to mention that you were too cool for school if your locker in middle school was all decorated and guarded with a pound puppy. I also had a cabbage patch kid. Carrying the birth certificate around made me feel like a grown up!

This was fun reminiscing with you, and now it is to your turn to share. Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S1

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Parisjasmal said...

Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane. You know I love all the stuff you mentioned. John Huges moves--woot woot.
Hooray also for Aqua Net!
As far as the makeup --girl you did not give props to Beauty out of Control!

Word up to Saved By The Bell and Life Goes ON. I loved Corky and I LOVE Patti Lupone who played his mother. I also love when Michael McDonald does his Corky impression on MAD TV--even though I secretly cringe!

My fave TV shows were The Love Boat--huge love for Gopher, and Three's Company--Big Love for John Ritter.

Thanks for the laughs --Justin Timberlake hairdo! You know I still love that.

Have a lovley evening!

Love ya girl!