Thursday, February 22, 2007


What a hilarious and wonderful summer this was for me. Summer camp was great as usual and then getting a puppy, what could be next? My friend Tonya and her sister worked for a survey company in the mall, and told me they would help me get a part-time job there. To think someone would want a drunken person to represent their company was hard for me to imagine. So I didn't hold my breath, but I thought how cool would it be to work in the Mall. So I put in my application, and J Lo and behold they hired me. Tonya and her sister would let me bum a ride with them when they worked as well. I always used my wheelchair. It made things easier on me, and thought of it more as an asset to use it. Even though the sadness didn’t go away. Tonya and her sister were those ladys that you would run from in the Mall so you wouldn’t have to participate in those silly surveys! Sometimes they would just ask them questions, and sometimes the company would offer money to try a product. A product like cookies, crackers, diapers, deodorant, and even tampons! Folks will try anything for money. Especially when you are at the mall. I was hired to be the holler back girl! So the folks would try the product out for a week or two, then I would call them and ask them questions about it to see if they liked it. Even about the tampons! Can you imagine? So I would sit in a cubicle in the back room by myself usually and just call away! It was okay, but sometimes my voice would throw the folks off, and frustrate me. Thinking I was a little girl and was going to ask them if there refrigerator was running? Embarrassing when I had to ask the ladies if the tampon leaked a lot, a little, or not at all!! I even had some ladies hang up on me. I ended up not calling for those type of products. I told my supervisor that there was not enough maturity in my voice to call back on some things. She agreed, and was more selective when she would give me stuff. The best thing about the job was the money!! Even though it was only minimum-wage and part-time I thought I was rich. I would sometimes have my parents drop me off early so I could purchase those designer labels that my mom would not get me because of the price. I also learned to be frugal with my money and save it up. Making the dollar made me learn the meaning of it.

I only did this job for three summers, and it was only part time. It gave me something to do, and gave me a little extra money to play with. Thanks so much to Tonya and Shannon for all their help. The last summer I worked there (I was 18) I ended up meeting two of the gentleman I “called back” over the phone. One of them I went with on a lunch date. Nothing major happened, we went to a little Italian place. He was a very nice guy, bit we weren't meant for each other. Don’t even think we spoke after that (normal occurrence for me). I do not remember his name, but I do remember he had thick, shiny dark hair. The other guy worked for the pro soccer team that my parents and I would go to see every home game in Okla. I love soccer! The guy and I just talked and found out that we were at the same place at the same time, and so we met. Nothing major he was nice.

That was my first job now tell me about yours? Thanks for taking the time to read,
Miss S


Parisjasmal said...

Heeeyy Hollaback Girl!

SKREEEE about having to ask people about their feminine hygiene products.

My first real job was at Harrigans Restaurant in OKC. I was the Hostess then later waited tables. I learned A LOT about the world working in a restaurant. I was the youngest one there for a long time. Those hardened servers were a colorful and crazy bunch who taught me A LOT about things I probably should not have known about. It was a very good time though. I had a lot of fun working there and I met some really fun people. The food there was delicous too!


MISS S said...

I am glad your first one was a good one. How old were you?