Sunday, January 27, 2008 Oct. 1993- MY FIRST UNPAID INTERNSHIP

There are things that you remember, things that you do not, and things that you wish you would not remember! This was one of those times that I know was there in my dash but do not remember anything specific about it. I thought I would at least mention it. I was proud of myself at the time for doing it. After getting my business technology certificate I had a one-month UNPAID internship. It was in Tulsa and was a big University that was branched out with four different Oklahoma colleges (OU, OSU, NEO, NSU). I do not know what it was actually called... It was 15 years ago so cut me some slack! I worked in the Northeastern State University office as a secretary. I would answer the phones, mail out degree plans, and talk to the people as they would come in to the office. It was nothing exciting and I did not make any lasting friendships from being there. It was merely something that looked good on my résumé.

Soon after I graduated my dad moved to Ft. Worth Texas his job got transferred. I was not going to even try to get a job in Tulsa after the internship was up for I knew my Mom and I would be joining him soon. I will talk all about that transition period in the next several posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read, Miss S

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UntPawGal02 said...

Even though not exciting or any long lasting friendships were made... you never know when that one month unpaid internship may lead you to something bigger here in the future.

Oh and my fundraising in honor of you my dear Steph... getting closer to my goal :)