Friday, February 01, 2008


As I mentioned in the previous post that my Dads job was transferring to Ft. Worth Texas. Of course, the hardest part of it all would be leaving my family and friends in Oklahoma. So I made it my mission to spend time with them. I was seeing everybody I could possibly see. I was not sure when I would be able to make it up that way. My college and career class at church threw me a surprise goodbye party. That surprised me! Shon (a friend from summer camp) and I went to the hospital to see my good friend Mel on Christmas day (hey Mel, remember that?). Their were lots of others I saw as well. It would take forever to mention them all, and you would get very bored reading them. Though one of my goodbyes sticks out in my mind. I was not being a very good role model in this story, but it is in my dash! I live with no regrets, God forgives, and it is funny!! You will see why as you read below!

Throughout my teenage years my cousin Syl and I began to get close. She is six years older than I, and it just was not cool to hang out with the little one. Although she loved playing dress up with me as though I was her little doll. She would make me go downstairs, and show me off to the rest of the family at holidays! She still loved doing that. When we are together she is always doing my hair and makeup! Every time we are together something crazy happens! Check out my post in the February 2007 archives titled: Can you say embarrassing?

So the plan was to have a goodbye bash. One of our friends Lisa, and Syl decided to take me to their regular hangout at a heavy metal club called Windjammer (they shut down a couple of years after this) in Tulsa. It was 18 and over, so no problem right? We had this scheduled for a while. About a week before our venture the club decided to only cater to those 21 and over. What were we going to do? Lisa and Syl definitely passed, but my 19 year old butt would be left outside. After much deliberation we did what we knew how. First of all, Lisa (she knows everybody) knew the club owner, and asked him if it would be okay if she brought a friend who was in a wheelchair, but only had a birth certificate (BC) for ID. She also told him that I was moving away. So he not only said yes to me coming, but also said that he would buy my drinks all night! So we had that covered, now all we had to do is get a BC of someone who is at least 21! I do not know how, but Syl got her sister’s (thanks De!) BC from her Mom! The problem then was that De was 24. Even on my best day it was hard to look 16 let alone 24! Lisa and Syl came over to my house and gave me a head to toe makeover in an attempt to make me look legal!! (For those of you know me now it is hard to make me look legal at 33! I was still offered kiddy menus at 30!) Lisa and I were around the same size, and she brought me this black tight one-piece outfit that zipped up the middle to wear. Now I know what you are thinking, yes I could have very well been in the theatrical performance of Cats!! To spice things up a little I wore a pink flowered silky and black lacy bra. We unzipped the outfit just enough to show the bra and a little cleavage. We did not want to give everything away!! I wore black leather pumps that I had, as my shoe style did not matter because I would be sitting throughout the night and not walking. It is now time for my hair and makeup and Syl could do no wrong! With a little curl, tease, and lots of hairspray my hair was fabulous. Appearing older took a little more makeup than what I was used to wearing. My dad took one look at me, called me Jezebel, and politely asked me to take off the lipstick, LOL! I wish I had a picture to show everyone, but the mental one I'm sure is priceless!! They had come over to get me ready for the club early, but were going to pick me up at a indoor pro soccer game my parents and I were going to. It was closer to get to the club from there then coming to get me at my house. So I put on my leather jacket and zipped it up so that my cat suit would not be revealing. Thank goodness it was winter!! The game was awesome, and I was excited for Lisa and Syl to arrive. My dad's jaw dropped as Lisa and Syl came in to get me with their clubbing clothes on. To tell you a little bit about them they were both beautiful blondes who could definitely be models. Lisa had on a short white shirt where you saw her belly button ring, and a pair of stonewashed jeans that had slits in the back. Syl had on these jeans that were cut down the sides and had safety pins holding them together. She made them herself, and did not even use a sewing machine!! (Shout out to Jen on that comment, I had to!) We all looked ready to go! I memorized all of the important dates and stuff on the BC incase I was asked. As we got there I showed the bouncer the BC he did not question me, and just let me go on through. YES WE PULLED IT OFF! I met the owner and I do not think he cared less if I was a monkey for he was feeling pretty good if you know what im sayin’! So we all got some wine coolers (surprised to tell you that this was not the first time that alcohol had entered my body. How do you think I got the name drunk girl, J/K, LOL) and sat near the front so we could hear the band. We were afraid that they wouldn't sound loud enough! The name of the heavy medal band was UGLY!! And let me just tell you they could not have picked a better name! After banging our heads for a couple of songs we went over to this pool table, and began to play. We were beating people left and right. What was our strategy you wonder? Well Syl and I played partners. She played in pool tournaments and was on a team. So when I would screw up (which was often) she could clean up the mess! She made all the moves, and would angle my wheelchair where I needed to be. Holding on to the pool stick at the end to steady my shot she would tell me exactly where to hit the cue ball to put the ball in the pocket. It did not always work for me as I would usually either hit the cue ball too soft or too hard. But that is okay because Syl was that GOOD. So now guys are buying us drinks to try and prove that they are good sports and letting us win, and not just guys who got beat by the handicapped girl!! I would take a drink or two, and then pass it on to Syl or Lisa as they could hold their liquor better than I. Now if that was not enough excitement Lisa knew the band UGLY (I am telling you she knows everybody!) and told them it was my birthday. So they pulled me to the middle of the stage (and it was not a real big stage) and proceeded to sing and play happy birthday. The bass guitarist sat his guitar on my lap so I could feel the good vibrations, and sweet sensations, LOL! Shout out to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! He then presented me with a coupon for a free drink that I got from of his mouth, EWW I know! UGLY gave me a guitar pic (which I still have somewhere). Now people are buying me drinks because they think it is my birthday. I am not hurting for anything to drink let me tell you. If I had drank everything that was given to me that night I would have been living in the restroom! I knew that Syl and Lisa would take care of me. As the night ended at two in the morning we made our way to Denny's for breakfast and Pepsi’s. I had so much fun, and I know I would not have had such a good time if it wasn’t for Syl and Lisa. This was not the first or the last time that three of us were together. I could be exactly who I was around them, and I loved being around them for that. I may not get to visit with each of them as much as I would like now, but I am still in contact with them both. Love you guys!!

As I said before saying goodbye to my family and friends in Oklahoma was one of the hardest things about moving to Texas. 95% of my friends and family knew me before I became wheelchair-bound. So it was easier for them to see past the wheelchair to see who I really was. It was just a matter of getting past the FA for them. Now that I was leaving and going to be establishing new friends they not only had to see past the wheelchair, but also my FA. Acceptance was my fear. Right now I can honestly say that acceptance is no longer a fear of mine. Some will like me and some will not that’s just the way it goes. I don't lose any sleep over it!

Thank you for taking the time to read, Miss S



Anonymous said...

ok Little Miss Thang! There is so much more to that story. There were guys hanging all over your drunk butt all night. Syl and I got no attention and we were barely and I mean barely wearing clothes. Steph is a show stopper. She had every guy in the bar eating out of her little hand. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she would smile her little shy smile and the guys were goo goo eyed.
I love ya Steph and miss ya bunches!

MISS S said...

I would not have been able to "wear my hair down" without you guys. And the alchohol, LOL! I am so glad for not only that memory, but all the others we had together.

Much Love!!!

~*Magnificent Mel*~ said...

Wow, I got a shout-out! I'm gonna be famous now, it's only a matter of time. hehe Anyway, yes I do remember you and Shon visiting. I remember being surprised because I didn't expect you (on Christmas of all days), but was thrilled to see you two. Both of you rock.

I had NO idea you were such a party girl! LOL I'm loving the mental image of you in a "catsuit!" I can just imagine your dad's face...too funny!

triguyjt said...

nice blog you have....
thanks for enlightening me on FA

best in training

UntPawGal02 said...

Glad to know that acceptance wasn't your fear any longer!

By the way, the penny jars are up at the bikestore as part of my fundraising for MDA!

Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

I have been google-ing the band Ugly that used to play in Tulsa to try and find a copy of their cd. I ran across your blog and laughed out loud at your story about dressing up to get into Windjammer. I used to go there all the time back in the HairBand days! lol. That's where i got started playing music myself. Anyway, to keep it short... I was wondering if you have the cd that Ugly put out? or... your friend that knew them. I've been wanting that cd for years and knew i'd have to find someone online in order to find it to get a copy. Any help would be great and I'd gladly pay for the cd or simply a copy of it. Thanks, Clint

Syl said...

Thank you Lisa!
I remember that night & so many others with Steph & she never had to pay a cover charge or buy a drink. (Lisa & I did even with very little clothes on.) And let's not forget the roses! At the end of a night on the town, Steph would come home with a bouquet. (Lisa & I did not!) Stephanie is a people magnet. When we first started going out & people constantly approached & talked to her-as soon as we arrived, we had to make a preliminary round to see & be seen, which with Steph took FOREVER-I would ask her who she was talking to and she didn't know. It got to the point I started asking if she knew the people and she almost always didn't. Eventually, I quit asking. I realized she attracts with her beautfiul smile & personality, that's just who she is.
By the way, after taking Stephanie out Lisa & I would relay that night's events to anyone who would listen. Joyce's response always remained constant and unwavering: "You bitches are just jealous!" She was right.
Love & Miss You Girl!