Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jan.-Sep. 1993: Tulsa Tech. Center

I did not have a big desire to go on to college after high school. I knew it was really hard to get a good job just on a high school diploma. I was not pressured to go to college or anything. My parents made it clear that they would be proud of me no matter what I decide to do. So I signed up for a nine-month Business Technology training course at Tulsa Technology Center. I would start the day with my mom dropping me off in the mornings on her way to work. It was quite a ways from where we lived. I would usually eat breakfast there. That would consist of an Otis Spunkmeyer Banana Nut Muffin and, some Chocolate Milk! My mouth is watering just thinking about it, man how I love those muffins!! In our classes we would mostly do computer work, but would make time to study math and English. At that time computers were becoming the big thing. We learned WordPerfect as that was the new software being introduced. I picked it up very quickly, and absolutely loved it! Working from the computer always made me feel independent (still does) even though I was never a fast typer. Most of my other classmates were women (about 12), but there were some men (about 3) as well. One of the ladies who graduated with my brother at Webster was also in my class, so that was great. It felt good to know someone. I really did enjoy being there. I was even the historian for the Phi Beta Lamda, a little group they had. No, not Lamda Lamda Lamda you Revenge of the Nerd watchers!!! It was all day. And then my Dad would pick me up.

This was the first time I had gone where my wheelchair was a permanent fixture. So that made me extra nervous being around new people and being around new surroundings. I was not treated any differently from day one. I thought that men definitely would not be interested in me anymore (not like they were knocking down my door before!) because I was in a wheelchair. On Valentine's Day that year our little Phi Beta Lamda group sold carnations or a box of candy hearts with a message to send to someone. This guy that was taking heating and air classes gave me a pink carnation!! He came up to me that day to give me the flower, and to tell me that he thought I was very pretty. He sweeped me off my wheels!! I was speechless. We were friends, but nothing became of it. Another thing that happened regarding the fact that I was in a wheelchair was during a field trip that we took to Oklahoma City. I cannot remember the name of the place but it was something to do with learning about business and money. We took the big ‘ol yellow school bus. I assume I was carried on to the bus by a nice gentleman/friend. When we arrived in the city this one guy just jumps up and grabs me like a sack of potatoes and puts me in my wheelchair. I am shocked as he is merely an acquaintance to me and doesn't even know me or me him. It doesn't stop there though... This guy starts pushing my wheelchair really fast and popping wheelies. I was so mad and started screaming. I told the teachers he is not to come near me again. He stayed away for the next day at school him and I met with one of the principals. He never once apologized for getting all up in my (wheelchair) frame. I told him that I did not know him, and it was not appropriate to touch me even if it is only a wheelchair. The wheelchair is an extension of my frame, and that he wouldn't go and physically push some able-bodied girl's frame, and I am no different. Because of the fact that we did not know each other how would he know that he was not hurting me? Since he insisted he did no wrong and would not apologize I told him not to even look my way anymore. So he was instructed to stay away from me for the rest of the school year. He knew he better recognize from that point on and he did.

After 9 months I had the baby, LOL!! I crack myself up:0) But for reals tho I did graduate and get a certificate. That is about all I got! The computer skills have always been handy.

Thank you for taking the time to read, Miss S


~*Magnificent Mel*~ said...

Hey girl, I love the little picture of you sitting at the computer. You look very business-like. :) I love the part about you telling that guy off. You go girl! I cannot believe that he did not apologize! What a jerk. I am glad you stood up for yourself and that he left you alone.

Parisjasmal said...

Ok--peeing in my pants on this one!!! This was hilarious! Have you had a margarita or 3? I totally needed to read this this morning to cheer me up!

*shout out Otis Spunkmeyer!!! Can you not find "The Spunk Muffs" in your neck of the woods? If not, I can try to mail you some.

*"He swept me off my wheels" SKREEEEEE I am rolling (get it wheels--rolling???!!)

*Lamda lamda lamda and Omega Mooooo we got a high class rhythm and a rappin sound that will make you want to move your body to the ground. We got Poindexter on the violin and Louis and Gilbert will be joinin' in, and just when you think you've seen it all, here comes a Lambda 4 feet tall!!!! ROFL. I totally remember that whole song.

* he better recognize--Dang girl I remember when that happened and you told me about it. That guy was an idiot. And to think he never even realized how inapropriate his behavior was. That was so many moons ago.

* I am so glad you had a baby. HA! you nerd!

Happy Sunday--love you girl. I will try to call you today or tomorrow!

Parisjasmal said...

Oh and I forgot to add--you look gorgeous in that pic!! So sweet. Such a little jewel.

MISS S said...

Thanks girl! Of course that jerk stayed away for he was scared I would roll him over!!!!!

That is what happens when I go through withdrawls from not posting!!!! Or it could have been the buzz that carried over from the New Years margarita's:)

*I have never seen "The Spunk Muffs" (that was a good one) around the Southern area. You r thoughtful to try to mail some.

*I am rolling even harder at your comments.

*OMG,I am so drifting back to the talent competition, clapping to the rythim and singing along! LOL

*Thanks 4 the compliment!

xoxo to u both

UntPawGal02 said...

Steph... nice job on telling the guy off... he deserved it so much... you are one strong woman let me tell you...

Oh and it looks like i'll soon be starting my fundraising soon for MDA... gotta do a few things first... but its' all for you!

Hope all is well!