Saturday, December 16, 2006


It's come round again to start a new school and make new friends. I did not want to bring along with me my not so confident low self-esteem self. The first day of school is always the worst. My high school was much bigger than either one of my other schools. Which meant more kids. It was made up of two different buildings with two floors in each building, several prefab buildings (extra classroom's that are in a trailer like building), a gym, and a football stadium. Yes, and you might be a redneck if you had classes in a prefab building! Don't forget, this is Oklahoma! With it being bigger that meant that my classes would be farther apart from each other. My high school was not wheelchair accessible so I was the only student there with a physical disability. It was getting harder for me to balance myself off the walls while holding on to my books when walking. So the adaptation that was made at the beginning of the year was that I could have someone with me to help me with my books and to hold on to for balance while leaving five minutes early from class to beat the rush. I never felt intimidated by the teachers or staff. So not only did I have to fear not knowing where any thing was, making new friends, or being initiated by being thrown in the trash can for being a freshman (an urban legend to freshman). I also had other important things too like getting to classes, who was going to help me, getting my lunch tray, and just plain not falling! At least I had my brother around for the first two years of being there. He was a very well-liked guy to be around and was known as Opie (a young Ron Howard) from the Andy Griffith Show. His red hair was the giveaway! People often said that we looked alike. I don't think he appreciated that very well! He started driving during this time and would have to take me to school, help me to my first hour class, and take me home. So his little sister cramped his style, and held him back from cruisin’ a little. More than just my disability I feel, and mostly because of our sibling rivalry we did not get along. One of my neighbor's across the street, Melissa, was also going to be there. She agreed to help me during lunch. So everyday she would get my tray, and help me to my seat. I got to set w/ her and her friends. During the year they did the Just Say No To Drugs campaign. They did a skit about not smoking, and how it affects you. They asked me to be a part of their group!! I could not believe it. If there platform had been alcohol I could have been the drunk girl with no rehersal!!!!!! So we went to several elementary schools, and even my crummy middle school to put on the skit! There were several groups that went. Melissa and her friends never looked at me any diffrent! Prayers were definently answered as I could not recall the names of the people who had made fun of me in middle school on the first day. It was the weirdest thing. I still remember what they called me but can't remember who it was. I had forgiven those people, and was starting fresh. I was going to school with more mature individuals (or so I thought). Don't get me wrong that did not stop the teasing but it did seem to calm down. I would also talk about my disability more openly, and I think people felt more comfortable around me because of that.
There are several memories I would like to share with you concerning my freshman year. I will share these with you in the next couple of posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S

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