Monday, December 25, 2006


This was something I thought was funny (at least to me), and wanted to share! This happened a couple of month’s after the year began. I had a history class in the farthest prefab on campus.

Let me explain what a prefab is for all you non-Oklahoman’s again, and more in detail. Prefabs were easy additions which is why they had them (I think). I am not sure if they have prefabs any more. Our prefabs were wooded trailer like buildings that were long and housed two different classrooms side by side. There were three or four different prefab buildings in a row with about five or six feet between each one. Each classroom had windows and a window unit (air conditioner) that had a mind of it’s own! NO, there were no bathrooms in them (Thank God). We would have to go to the main building. They all had wooden decks with about 4 steps into them. It was the closest thing to the Little House on the Prairie school that I have ever been to. Got a mental picture? Did anybody else have classes in prefab buildings? If so, what were they like?

Okay, on with my story. My history class was for mostly freshman. The class right next to mine was another history class, but it was for mostly upperclassmen. The teachers were both coaches in football. Every day was a rival between the two classrooms. The other class would always be yelling something into our classroom. We kept trying to figure out a way to get them good. I do not know whose idea this was, but they wanted to take a quiet, good student and make them storm out of the classroom yelling to our teacher about how they are going up to the main building to tell how they cannot get anything done in class because the other class is too loud. Guess who they picked? ME!! I think they thought that it would be more of a statement to come from someone who struggled just to get there. Again, I have no idea what came over me, but I decided to do it. Nobody helped me to walk while I did this. I was not having to worry about carrying my book's or anything else so I was confident that I could do it even though I very rarely walked without help. I went out the door putting on my poker face, and as soon as I could see the other class (they had their door opened also, it was hot) I started talking very loudly so the other class could hear. I told the teacher that “I could not concentrate in class with all the noise going on from the other class, and I will have a stop put to this when I tell the principal.” I went down the steps and across to the next prefab building, and leaned against the side of it. Until I reached the next prefab building I was walking with nothing around me to hold on to. I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing, and I did not fall!! Maybe that would have spiced things up even more if I had pretended to fall!! I could see my class through their windows and could hear here my teacher talking to the other teacher. The plan was working, and the other class was told to keep quiet. My teacher said he would go try to catch me, and he came around the corner to get me. He helped me back in the classroom and the other class looked scared, LOL! After I sat down in my seat we counted to 3 and the whole class yelled “GOTCHA”!!!

Do you have a funny story to share? I would love to hear it.

Thanks for taking the time to read, MISS S

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