Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It was the first day of school. My brother dropped me off at my first class which was typing. There were 5 to 6 rows of typewriters. The ones near the back of the classroom were older typewriters. I always tended to sit at the front of the classroom anyway. I got there early to make sure I was seated before the rush came in (I did this all the time). I had no idea who was going to be in my class. I didn't know the teacher either. All of my teachers knew about me and my requirements before I came into class. As the students began coming in some of them I knew while some I did not. I did not have any real good friends to ask to help me to the next class. That made me so nervous. I ended up asking some people that were acquaintances of mine in middle school to help. While they did not seem eager or want to jump for joy they agreed to help me.

One of the last people to come in the door was this girl named Kari. I caught myself staring at her. She was so pretty. She was one of those girls that just makes you sick, because she didn't wear make up and looked flawless! She was a senior and head cheerleader. Extremely popular and every boy in school wanted to date her. I thought I would never get the opportunity to meet her. Thought she would overlook my unpopular lanky freshman self. It’s the story of the uncoordinated duckling and the Swan Princess, LOL! At the end of the day we were told to report back to our first hour class for announcements, and to make sure everyone was getting around okay. I was dropped off at my class before the last class had left the room. I stayed outside leaning against the wall. Kari walked up to wait also. I could not resist saying anything to her, so after I said hello I told her I thought she was so pretty. She told me later that made her all vaklempt. She had a class with my brother so the next day she asked him what was wrong with me physically. My brother told her what he knew. She then sat down and wrote me a letter, and told me that she would love to help me to class any time she could. That all I had to do was ask her. She gave me the letter the next day in class. I was so overwhelmed and a little vaklempt myself as I read it. I took her up on her offer, and we were great friends from that point on. Think I made the other students who were going to help me jealous that I was hanging out with her, and she was helping me. They were all asking for a little uncoordination and balance so they could make friends with an upper classman, serves them right! Kari treated me like I was one of her best friends the whole year. We were always together and I would stay the night at her house often. She was a stylish person, and she had a ring on just about every finger. Sometimes I would have her take them off so I could play with them. That gave her an idea and she bought (she worked) me my first diamond ring for Christmas. It was small and dainty, perfect (I still have it). Now get your mind out of the gutter she was my friend! I am straight and so is she! Because she was an upperclassmen she could go off campus to lunch. So I don't really remember ever eating lunch with her. On a daily basis I would want to pinch myself to make sure she was really my friend. I envied just about everything about her.

One of the most remember able moments with her was when she took me out for a driving test in her old car (I was a girl, and did not pay attention to makes and models) at 15. She lived across the street from a church, and that is where we went to practice. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. I figured since no one was at the church and the parking lot was empty there wasn't a whole lot of damage I could do, right? My heart began beating fast when I first got into the driver's seat. I tried talking Kari and myself out of it. I couldn't even make my feet do what I wanted them to do any other time so what difference did this make I kept saying. I went extremely slow, and did okay in the parking lot. I was very surprised at myself. They only things I had ever driven was my grandpa’s (Mom’s Dad) riding lawnmower or the bumper cars at the fair. I did okay on using my feet with those things. I didn't have to worry about my balance in the car. So now I am making excuses for myself to stay in the car. Then Kari told me to turn onto a residential street. I told her she was crazy, but went ahead and did it anyway. I did fine still taking it very slow. I was staying in the lines and doing okay. I could not even color in the lines! She then told me to turn on to this street that was busier as it was next to the residential streets. There was nowhere else to turn but in to someone's driveway to go back to the church. She assured me that I was doing fine, and that we wouldn't stay on that street very long. I turned on the street and as I did a car got behind me, and I began to freak out. The plan was that I was going to turn into the next residential street. I knew the car behind me was going to get frustrated at my grandma driving speed! So I pushed on the gas pedal a little bit more than I wanted and began to turn the wheel. I over turned it though, and with my speed revved up my first reaction was to slam on the breaks. Good first reaction, but now it was just if my feet would get there quick enough. As I saw a light flash before my eyes and the pearly gates open up, the car stopped just inches away from a parked car. The car that was behind me came down the street as well, and stopped by us. Leaning out the window he told me I shouldn't be driving. At that time Kari got out of the passenger side and started driving back to her house. For a longtime after that Kari and I both said our hearts were racing at our stupidity. We could have both got killed or killed someone else. Crazy immature kid crap! Angels were definitely among us that day!

I know I probably sound like an obsessive stalker type for giving her her own post. I feel it was a big deal that she looked at me as someone she wanted to get know considering her popularity, upper classmen status, and good looks. She didn't need to be friends with me. Because of her friendship with me I feel as though she broke down a big wall for people to get to know who I was despite my physical disability. All of the cute jock boys knew that in order to date her they first had to be nice to me, BONUS! Being her friend taught me not to be so stereotypical about people and expect the worst. I made a lot of other friends that I wouldn't have even thought possible either. There are a couple other memories with her that I will share at a later post. At that time in my life she was the greatest, and thought she needed to be singled out. As I started my sophomore year she went off to college, and would see her sometimes. After college she got married, and our contact has become obsolete. I hope she is doing well, and is happy.

Is there someone that has impacted your life that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S

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Parisjasmal said...

Lovely post in honor of a great friend! I am so happy I got to meet Kari too. She was indeed a great person and so fun too.