Friday, December 26, 2008

5/27/74- 21, AND WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it has been a while since my last post. My deepest apologies, I will not feed you excuses like where does the time go…BUT REALLY, Where does the time go??

As I began this story I must start out by saying that we have all done stupid stuff when we were 21. The title here could not be any more correct. But again this is in my dash so I will share. Thank God he forgives!!

Above is a birthday card that my brother got for me. He put $3 in it so I could legally by my first drink! I got a margarita on the rocks with salt, and I needed it as you will see…

I woke up to the sound of my dad singing me happy birthday that Saturday morning. I knew that we were going to a redneck country bar that evening called HOOTS to celebrate!! When we moved to Texas from Oklahoma in ‘94 our cousins friends became our friends. We had been to HOOTS several times. My mom loved going when they had karaoke! I had gotten to know the owners, and majority of the people who worked there. I also made friends there. Not friends that I still hang around with but nonetheless they had good intentions! HOOTS was not a very big place nor did it fit the mold as being the best example for accessibility! Every table that was in there was high. They only had room for one pool table, and a really small dance floor that pretty much was never used because the dart boards were there. Getting ready and dressed for that evening was something I did a little throughout the day. That was my normal routine because everything takes me to twice as long. I wore a blouse that my cousin Debby got me for my birthday. We were also celebrating my brother’s birthday as we are four days apart, from two years that is. A bunch of us meet there, and of course one of the guys brought his VHS camcorder! One of the things that I found really odd about Texas was the fact that you do not have to be 21 to get into a bar/club. You cannot drink, and you must have a guardian with you at all times. Maybe not everywhere in Texas, but for the most part I guess so. So a four-year-old girl was brought along. Everyone knew what was about to take place besides me! There was about 20 to 25 people to join my brother and I’s celebration. So we are all just talking and I had my back to the door. This country looking guy taps me on the shoulder and started speaking on loudly as though I was hard of hearing (Karaoke had not yet begun). He says, “Do you remember me?” I say no. So he said “You came up to me at the grocery store and touched my butt!” I knew exactly who he was but to be sarcastic I said, “You must have the wrong person I don’t go to the grocery store, if I need anything my dad goes for me!”

He proceeds to take me to the middle of the small dance floor and begins to start taking off his clothes. Meanwhile I am red in the face not even wanting to look knowing my parents are watching, and a little girl who is setting Indian style on the edge of the dance floor as though she is getting ready to watch a puppet show. He brought a little boombox and played a really cheesy song called Cotton eye Joe. He was a white boy so he was genetically lacked in the moves, but I give him an E for Effort! The friend who got the stripper for me (god love her) did not really know me very well because if she did she would have gotten me a fireman instead of boot scootin Cotton eyed Joe! Normally, all left the women would get in a circle around the stripper while hollering and tipping him. None of this happened for everyone was anxious to see the expression on my face. About that time an old man opened the door to come in. He was totally shocked to see Cowboy Billy Bob (that was really stripper name) shaking his moneymaker! The old man lost his dentures!! I have proof, it is on a VHS tape somewhere. At this point all eyes were on the old man. I was rolling!! That was the best icebreaker ever. After that I just let loose and tried to have fun. One of the best things that Cowboy Billy Bob did was not strip down to the banana hammock (G-string)!! There is nothing attractive about that at all, am I right ladies or am I right? As the song wound down he sang happy birthday to me and left getting no tips. The party did not end there, as I got presents. I got a half-dozen white chocolate twig and berries,ECKK!!!!!! People started pinning dollar bills on my blouse! I think I ended up with $25 (I made more than Cowboy Billy Bob, LOL)! When the karaoke began the guy who ran it was a very good singer and he sang the country song (of course) “Keeper of the Stars”! It was very sweet. We closed down HOOTS, but do not worry I could still drive my wheelchair in a straight line!

It was a 21st birthday I will not forget! HOOTS has moved to a bigger location now. I have been a few times but not in about 10 years.

So tell me about what went on at your 21st birthday? If you dare to tell, I did! Or any other memorable birthday?

Thanks for taking the time to read, MISS S


Parisjasmal said...

That is TOO MUCH!!! They gave you a cheesy certificate that Cowboy Billy Bob signed with his 5 year old manuscript!!!!! Oh and the old man losing his grill!!!!! HA HA HA!!!
I have never heard of hoots. I have heard of In CaHoots though. There was an In Cahoots in OKC and one in Tulsa.
Girl you do not need to ask G_d for forgiveness at all for this funny night!

For my 21st birthday I went to my Grandma's house --I know BIG PARTY ROCK ON!
I am sure I went out the next night but I do not remember at all. That was a long time ago!

So glad you posted again!


Cowboy_Billy_Bob said...

I remember you, you sexy thang.
All these many moons later I am still shaking what the heavens gave me and still making a buck.
I now do private parties in the Owasso area. Owasso has grown so much and those middle aged ladies have money. I think it is oil money.

Thanks for the memory, and even though your group did not tip me, 2 wrongs don't make a right so I tip my hat to you as well as the "keeper of the stars". He sure knew what he was doing when he joined these 2 hearts (or these 2 banana hammocks)potato/potah-toe.

I still think you touched my butt at the grocery store.

All my love,
Cowboy Billy Bob