Thursday, September 11, 2008

March 19, 1995 I GOT DUMPED!!

Those of you who know me or have read my blog in the past know that I love Firemen! Through MDA I have had the privilege of getting to know lots of firefighters. And have gotten to know some of them on a personal level. This particular March the Firefighterrs were having a fundraiser, and invited me and my parents along. It was a concert at the Dallas Convention Center. The Charlie Daniels Band and the openers 4 Runner were performing. I knew who the Charlie Daniels Band was as they sang the popular “Devil went down to Georgia.” Could Charlie sure play that their fiddle! However I did not know who 4 Runner was. This was not the first concert I had been to that was being held for the firefighters. I got to hear Kenny Chesney when he was merely an opening act! Being in Texas you hear a lot of country floating around so much that all the twangs sound the same! I was excited to go. When we pulled into the parking garage my dad got me out of the Maroon Chevy Equinox SUV and into my wheelchair. I was very stubborn (nothing unusual) and refused to wear my seat belt while in my wheelchair. It was a big deal at summer camp that you wear it, and I would try my best to keep from doing it. By wearing the seat belt it made me look and feel more disabled. Like a little kid being strapped into their car seat not wanting to be confined. This was my thought. My parents never pushed the issue. So anyways, so I was rolling along when my dad and I both noticed the sign to get on to the elevators. But what we didn’t notice was that we were about to go off of a curb. SPLAT went my head onto the concrete! My dad said it hit so hard you could hear it echo in the parking garage. It hurt like a MO FO!! My dad quickly picked me up and back into my wheelchair. I had the death scream, blood was everywhere, Dad was in tears on his knees saying how sorry he was. Mom being the calm one tried to simmer us both down. She told us to both shut up, and for me to hold up my head so she could see where the blood was coming from. At this time over walks the security guard. He was strutting around like Barney Fife snorting his nose, sticking out his stomach like a fightin chicken, and pulling up his polyester tan trousers while not being in any hurry! He said, “Now, what seems to be the problem here?” Mom asked him if he could go get some paper towels. Not being in a big rush he brought some back. Mom was able to see that I had a big gash above my right eyebrow. My all over the face red Sally Jessie Raphael frame nose piece had gashed it. So the security guard took us to where the EMT was. They were able to bandage it up and said that I had seven hours to get stitches that the gash was really deep. 7 hours…I thought for a second and realized that was plenty of time to still go see the concert! Everyone thought I was crazy. They gave me some Tylenol, and I was boot scootin (I mean boot rollin) my way to the concert! The Tylenol did not do JACK, as I had a pounding headache the whole opening act. Everyone kept asking me how I was doing. I would just smile, and say OK! I knew a lot of the firefighters who happened to be there. One of the main firemen who organized the concert felt sorry for me and took me backstage. I met all 4 of the 4 Runners! They were really good and there was one song that I did recognize from the radio and it was called “Cain & Able.” They were really nice. I know I looked like a big dork with my bandaged up forehead. At least I was close enough to see them perform because I had no glasses. I also met the manager from Arista records. He scheduled the concert’s in the DFW area. His name was Frank and he gave me his business card. With his raspy voice he told me to give him a call that he would hook me up with some free CDs and concert tickets! I was all about that! After meeting the guy’s and shootin the breeze I went back out to the concert just in time to hear that big fiddlin song “Devil went down to Georgia!”…..

Several hours later I was lying on a table in the emergency you room. I was not used to laying flat on my back so it bothered me. Which made my feet act up. My dad was trying his best to get them to relax by massaging them…GOD LOVE HIM! He felt so guilty that he promised to buy me some new glasses! If that’s all I had to do to get new glasses paid for, LOL! I was never so happy to retire those all over the face red Sally Jessie Raphael frames (for a pic of them checkem out in my previous post)! I did not feel a lot of pain and got seven stitches! You can hardly even tell that I ever had stitches above my right eyebrow. That doctor was good!

Below is a picture of my dad (far left), Frank (Dolphins T-shirt), and the 4 runners when I went to see them backstage at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth several months after getting dumped. I am also sportin my new glasses! A lot better, huh?

A couple of months later at my 21st birthday party some friends of my dad’s friends had gotten me a first aid kit as a present! They told me I was to keep it handy when my dad was pushing me, LOL!

Frank and I had become friends and he sent me some free CDs along with tickets to see 4 Runner and go backstage at Billy Bob’s. While there he just pulls out two tickets to go see Bon Jovi! I love them. After I saw them we went our separate ways about 10 years ago I tried to write and call him, but I was told he was no longer working for Arista records. He was a very nice guy and I hope he is doing well. As for 4 Runner, I don’t think they made it very far on to the country scene.

Of course it is something that we can all look back on and laugh? I have not spent a day without my seatbelt since. Got a crazy story that you can look back on and laugh? I would love to hear it.

Thank you for taking the time to read, Miss S


Parisjasmal said...

Ok-- this post cracked me up, but also made me sad. NOT sad for you because obviously you were OK if you still wanted to go see 4 Runner, Charlie Daniels, and Kenny Chesney in his skin tight jeans -UGH. No, this post made me feel bad for Lightnin'. I am sure he was FREAKING out. Bless him....oh and Moms telling you ninnys to shut your potholes is hilarious.
I remember when this happened, but you have retold the story brilliantly. The Barney Fife part was especially funny. I am just really glad you were OK. That could have been BAD.

I wonder whatever happened to Frank. I bet he is in Branson managing some of oldster shows out there.
Oh and I had no idea Will Ferrell started out in a band called 4 Runner. I was surprised to see him in the photo. WHO KNEW?

It is 5:45am, so I really cannot think of anything right now, but I will say I laugh at myself everytime I take a ZUMBA class at my gym. It is a dance class steeped in African and Latin American dance there is a lot of hip shaking and rumba type dancing with the stars moves. Well, you know I am white, right? Enough said.

Viva la Sally Jessie Rapheal glasses!!!!


MISS S said...

I am LMAO at the Will Ferrell comment!!!! When u first said ZUMBA I immediately thought of ZWEE DA BU DEE...its like a bad rap video!!!!! Glad u liked my post. Lightnin' has recovered.


Mel said...! What a funny and sad story. I totally feel your pain...literally! This is because I, too, have cracked my head on pavement and done the death scream/blood thing. It's not so fun. I was maybe 7 I think when my sister, who you'll recall is two years younger, was attempting to get me up on our porch by doing the ol' "tip the wheelchair back and pull it up the step" maneuver like my parents did a bazillion times. Seemed like a good idea at the time, until all my weight shifted back and she dropped me! Then my mom was in the house, on the phone, and wouldn't listen to her when she ran in. It was the back of my head, so no scars are visible. I don't remember it hurting until they stuck the three foot needle in my head to numb it before stitching me up. Interestingly enough, when I tell people about that I get, "So that's what happened!" Do you ever get that? LOL

Hey paris!! LOVE the Will Ferrell comment! Brilliant.


MISS S said...

OUCH Mel and more OUCH!!!! I was hoping we would have no common ground w/ this post. More than anything people laugh when I tell them this story, if they really know me. But if not sure they will make a face and nod their head, LOL


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! This is too funny! That guy really does look like Will Ferrell too!
Misty & Rick