Thursday, May 31, 2007


I really have no idea why I am sharing this story, but I am! This was another memory for me during my senior year. Yo quiero Espanol! I took Spanish all four years of high school. We lived next door to Mexicans who would speak Spansh to me all the time, and I got to where I could understand them pretty good. I wanted to know more than they did (like that was ever going to happen), so I took all of the Spanish classes I could! I became very comfortable friends with the other students in my class. We were in Spanish 4 together and had the other three Spanish classes together. We were all wonderful friends with our teacher, Sra. B! Everyone in class was given a Spanish nickname. I was called La Rey which means the Queen. Our class was fairly small so the Spanish 3 class would sit in a different area but be in the same classroom. Sometimes we would have challenges between Spanish three and us. We played loto (bingo) all the time. It is played just like the English version. It gave us the opportunity to practice our numbers in Spanish. We decided to play win, lose, or draw and give the Spanish three a run for their money! Due it to my chicken scratch one of the girls was going to draw for me. They wanted to give me a chance to conspire with her on what to draw so they put a chair by the chalkboard. It had no arms to it. I thought to myself "I did not fall off of the no armchair at the Halloween spook house so I can do it!” So I got on the chair, right away it made me nervous, but my anxiety’s about it went away. I was sooo comfortable being me around these amigos. They were my amigos no matter how drunk I looked! So the games began…at first it was all calm. We (Spanish 4) were ahead! Spanish three was gaining the lead and we could not let that happen. So we all started shouting answers and getting excited. Not when I am on the chair with no arms! You guessed it, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. What a graceful move I made though by landing as though I just slid in to home plate! Like an umpire Sra. B told everyone "Time out" while I dust myself off, and get back to the game! I did not move to a desk which would have probably been the smart thing, but I get back on the no arm chair. The game resumed, and J Lo and behold if I did not do it again! I never hurt myself, and was laughing. When everyone else saw that I was okay and laughing they laughed right along with me! Of course, we (Spanish 4) won the game!!!!

I loved being in that class. I could be myself, and not have to worry about what anybody else thought. I struggle these days still with that same issue. I still find myself not wanting to do things because of the way I will look to others. There are few people I can do that with. Can anyone relate? Please share a experience. I would love to hear it.

Thank you for taking the time to read, Miss S

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