Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I remember learning of the five stages of grief in my sociology class in Jr. College. If you are not aware of the five stages of grief or what they are let me tell you. A change of any kind of circumstance (FA is mine) which produces a loss = a reaction of grief. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identifies these stages in her book as 1. Denial (not me) 2. Anger (why me) 3. Bargaining (promising to do better if…) 4. Depression (not caring anymore) and 5. Acceptance (ready for whatever comes my way). Due to my disability being slowly progressive, going over these stages in my life is a never ending cycle. Once I think I have accepted what has been given to me something else creeps up to deal with. Having to go constantly through these stages has made it quicker for me to get to the acceptance stage. Not only that, but my outlook and heart has changed a lot since then also making it easier to transition through those first four stages.

In these future posts I will share with you what I went through during these five stages of my diagnosis.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
Miss S

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