Saturday, September 02, 2006

80-85 MORE SIGNS....(CONT.)- SPORTS [edited]

Everyone in my family played sports, and I wanted to as well. With my balance and coordination affecting me I was never the star player or anything, but I would give it my best shot.

I played outdoor soccer for three seasons. I was part of two coed teams and one all girls team starting at the age of 6-10.

1980 River Rats- We layed our heads on the West side of the river. Clever name huh?

I am not exactly sure what year this was but I think 1981. We were called the River Rats! My coach Ronnie told my my Dad once that he had never seen someone who is so tough, that just takes a likin’ and keeps on tickin’!

1984 Wings- "We got it all, its heart and soul!"

While I was on the all girls team our coach, Joyce, choreographed doing our warm-up routines to the song "Heart and Soul" b y Huey Lewis and the News! I still talk to here every now and again, and we both agree that everytime we hear that song it puts a big smile on our face:) Her and my mom were the best of friends then. My mom filled in as a substitute coach during a practice on the all-girls team. She gave us an exercise where we had to run around the field backwards. I would take a few steps, look behind me, and would fall. My mom thought that I was just being lazy and thinking I could get away with it because she was the coach. So she made me do it even though I kept saying that I could not. After every few steps I would fall, and my mom would spank me until I finished going round the whole field. At the time she was showing me tough love by not letting me get away with not doing it when everybody else had to. She feels bad for it now but I understand the reason she did it. It’s something that we can look back on and laugh. If it wasn't for her I would not be able to say that I did it.

1984 Park Cherubs- We were #1, and dont you forget it!! Good grief, look at my socks!! I know my momma taught me how to dress better! I was just being hard headed I'm sure. Those shorts they made us wear, SHEESH! I look like I should be on the video for "Lets get Physical" by Olivia Newton John!!

I played basketball for a couple of years for my elementary school. I was often a bench warmer, but was proud to be on team. Wearing the uniform alone made me feel important. The coach would always put me in when we were ahead. One of the strong players, Kelley (The pic isn't that embarrising Kelley no need to close your eyes!!) , would always pass me the ball so I could try to make a basket. I did everything I knew of and that ball would never go in. Thank you Kelley for allowing me the opportunity to feel needed as a team player. Many Hugs to you (Sorry for the shout out, but I had to). One time I got fouled and was given a foul shot. It rolled around and around the rim but never went in. I think everyone in the place was rooting for me to get that basket. My dad told me later that even the referees were hoping I would make it! Another time, I was reaching to catch a pass as the ball hit my finger and jammed it. With tears streaming down my face I begged the coach to let me stay in and play.

The last sporting event I tried was in 1985 for being a batgirl for the girls softball team when I was 11. The same coach for basketball was also coaching the softball team. She knew what a hard time I had with basketball and came to talk to my parents about me being batgirl so that I would still feel part of a team. It was extremely thoughtful and something I took a part in for a while, but I do not think I continued doing it for a whole season. My heart just wasn't in it. At this time sports were becoming very discouraging for me and no longer fun. Running for long distances was beginning to make me tired and out of breath. I was becoming more self-conscious about the way I looked. Dont let the pigtails throw you off, cause I was still.....
BAD TO THE BAT!!!!!!!!

I am very thankful for having got to do these things. I miss being part of a team, but everything happens for a reason, and the memories will last forever. Signs were everywhere and in everything I did sports wise. Let me know of some of your favorite sport memories whether they are young or old? I would love to hear them.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
Miss S


Kelley said...

Strength is not alway a physical thing. I may have been a stronger player (West Side Cherubs, basketball), but you had the most strength than any of us. Your determination, courage and STRENGTH out weighed us all. Your the strongest person I have ever known. Thanks for the shout out!! Love ya girl!

MISS S said...

Thanks for all the compliments. Having your support gave me the courage, determination, and strength. Many hugs to you!! Love ya:)