Saturday, August 19, 2006

1974-1977 IN THE BEGINNING...... [edited]

It all began during tornado season in Oklahoma. That was when I first began to voice my opinion (which hasn’t stopped!). I came a month early, because of my weight I stayed in the hospital for about 15 days. Dad said I was so small that I could fit in his shoe box! I was a pretty content little girl who would just eat, sleep, and poop! I became part of a family with loving parents, a two year old brother, and a basset hound named Jughead!

As I began toddling I did not seem to be delayed during those memorable firsts. Like the first time I sat up, crawled, or walked. It seemed as though nothing was going to get in my way especially those little white plastic tabs on my diaper. My mom said I used to pull those tabs off and stick them up my nose! To keep me content all you would need to do is set me down with a big pickle (it still works too)!! This is one of my favorite pictures of my brother and I. Weren't we cutties? Wonder what happened??

At the age of three I contracted H-Influenza meningitis. I had to spend 12 days in the hospital on antibiotics to clear up the infection. Up until that time I looked well-nourished, but lost all my baby fat after that. I was growing tall, and staying skinny!

I would love to hear any interesting and am embarrassing stories you have of when you were a baby. I told mine, and now it is your turn!

Thanks for taking the time to read, Miss S


Maisymoo said...

I had a doll that i named Donna-Ria when i was 2!

MISS S said...

LOL, we know what was in your diaper!!!!!!!!!!

Kelley said...

I had an imaginary friend named "James". When my brother would pick on me, he was 1 yr older, I would tell him if he didnt leave me alone, I would tell James to beat him up. He would cry and run and tell my mother that James (my imaginary friend) was going to beat him up.. still makes me laugh till this day. I sure do miss James.. lol.

MISS S said...

That is classic and I am RICL (Rolling In my Chair Laughing as opposed ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing:))