Sunday, January 18, 2009


This theme this year was “Back to the Future.” Each day we’re presented a different place in history. Sunday was caveman day, Monday was medieval day, Tuesday was 60s day, Wednesday was 1776 , Thursday was space Camp, and Friday was Time warp. We would do activities pertaining to that day’s theme. Awards would be given out everyday for the messiest cabin and also for the cleanest one. Camp songs and warm fuzzies, were also an everyday occurrence!

The first day that we were there (caveman’s day) we all got in a big circle and played a name game that required quick recall. The picture below shows us playing the game. Try not to get distracted by the girl’s hair in the corner of the picture! looks like CRISPY Mall Hair.....and you know she was keeping Aqua Net (in the purple can) in business with that mess. Her bangs look like a bird's nest for reals. EEEEEEEKS! Dr. Bobell would pick on people to try and get them to smile, and when they did they had to name everyone in the group that they could (I wouldn’t have been able to it). Dr. Bobell was trying to get Wes to smile but he was not going to break so he thought he would just set on his lap! I for sure would have would have been showing some pearly whites at that point!!!!!

This next picture was taken out the waterfront. It is in such a distance that I cannot tell who any of the people are but it gives you a good view of the canoes and stuff. By there is also paddled bloats. Normally a little ways further is where guys would normally fish. They were also picnic tables and stuff where people could shoot the breeze! The waterfront now has been built up and is a lot nicer.

This picture was taken at the waterfront. I do not know how or why but all of us Divas were nicknamed Trash! Julie, me, Jen, and Carla. If we liked you, you were also crowned as Trash by us! It was too funny. The only Trashy Diva I speak to now is Jen. Even though we live many miles away from each other we still manage to talk trash all of the time.

Say cheese Josh! I hope he doesn’t spill that drink on his camera for Josh was the cameraman! He worked at a Photoshop in the mall. He was so nice and would volunteer his skill to take some pictures throughout the week. He did not take the group pictures, but some of the others. I stay in good contact with Josh and have gotten to see him for the past couple of years at the *MDA adult camp retreat at the same campgrounds! He is also the gentleman who puts that on!! A big warm fuzzy to you Josh! He was definitely Trash royalty, LOL!

This picture was taken by Josh on the day that we took the group photo. It is of me and my counselor for that year Carla. I really like this picture. It is one of my favorites, for I look completely able-bodied like there is nothing wrong! That year was the starting point to having a great friendship with Carla that lasted about four years. You know how it goes, some go one way and others go another. We never did pick our friendship backup and because of that Carla and I have not spoken in over 10 years. I hope she is doing well.

It is time for the talent show. It is always a night filled with laughter! I will never forget the skit put on by Wes and Steve (my prom date) doing Hans and Franz from the SNL skit. They were prepared to “PUMP, YOU UP!” They were never thought of as “girlie-men” again! Thanks to myspace I am still able to keep in touch with Wes. Steve is no longer with us as he lost his battle with cancer a couple of years ago.

I am not exactly sure what we are doing at all in this interactive skit, but if you look closely in the background I am standing with my arms wrapped around some dude. Try again not to distract yourself by Wes’s paint on pants! I cannot remember the name of the girl with dark hair but in the picture I can tell that Justin was sure enjoying himself! HEHE

As we end for this year, it is always an emotional time and we want to hug everyone several times before we depart. Time for one more picture with Benji (standing), myself (standing), and Bryan. I remember that year I had a big crash on Benji. Thanks to Jen for giving me this picture. I do not talk to either one of these guys anymore. I would love to know how they are both doing.

Even though we went back to the future, time just flew by! Thanks for taking the time to read, MISS S

*The MDA Adult Retreat is not affiliated with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Parisjasmal said...

After a flurry of a crazy week, and computer issues galore, I am able to read your post in full and properly comment!

Big Warm Fuzzies to you for taking me down memory lane lately--talking about camp and looking at pics and remembering such fun times. I had forgotton about caveman day!

HA HA about Crispy mall hair and bird nest bangs--Aqua Net for real!
Dr. Bobell was a real treat--*rolls eyes**. He was a nice man.

Viva la TRASH!!!!! I remember one day we (you, me, & Carla) were giving Ryan Randolph some heck and he goes.." why don't ya'll go back to your landfill". I laughed till I cried. I just recently remembered that.
Josh is mos-def-trash the highest form! He has always been awesome! Was it he and Shannon Thoma who sang "Somewhere Out There" one year. There was not a dry eye in the house. I have loved him since that moment.
I also love the pic of you and Carla. You look so dang TALL!

Steve and Wes were hilarious as Hans and Frans. God Bless Steve.

I wonder about Benji and Jay also. Last I heard, Jay was in Hollywood acting in military comedies with Kelsey Grammar, and Benji wanted to be a youth minister. I think we all had wee crushes in Benji!

You crack me up with your politically correct asterisk letting everyone know that MDA is not affiliated with the retreats. Cover your butt girl!!!

I am so glad you did these posts, and I am so blessed to have this be a part of my life and that I have made so many memories and relationships from MDA summer camp. I feel so lucky that all these years later you and I are still such wonderful friends. You are my girl!
love you!

dallasnoveltydotcom said...

WOW this is too cool to see these pictures again. I sent them to my mom and dad so they could see.

Spinner said...

1991 it's been a GREAT ride, but it's not over yet!