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NOV '92- JAN '93 THE BABYSITTERS CLUB (my version anyway)

My good friend Mark from next door and his family had moved away when I was 15. Since then several different renters had stayed in the house. I was not close with any of them…until this one couple moved in early ‘92. They had a baby boy in June 92. She also had two other kids. A 3 yr. old girl, and a girl in middle school. The Mom worked at night part-time while the Dad worked during the day. I had instantly become friends with the girl in middle school. Although I was older, and out of school she kind of looked up to me, and felt comfortable talking to me about anything. That made me feel really good. I began coming around their house, and began a friendship as well with the mother. After having her son (Alex) in June I began to come around the house more often just to see the baby. He was the cutest and most content baby I had ever been around. His mom used to tell me that he really likes because he acted so happy. She asked me if I would be willing to watch him while she ran errands during the day. She was aware of the FA, but Alex was not a squirmy crawly baby. She did not plan to leave him for hours with me or anything. So I agreed. My first babysitting gig! I had been around babies before, but never alone with one. So she would bring Alex over may be once a week while she would go to the store, to the bank, or wherever. My parents both worked during the day so it was just me and thumper. She would come over bringing Alex and his diaper bag. She would take him out of his carrier, and put him on my bed. Then go run her errands, and come right back. He was the best baby. He had the cutest dimples ever. I wish I knew what was going through his mind at the time. He would smile and jabber constantly. I would wonder if he just had gas! There were only a few times that I did pick him up. Now I know what you're thinking... "It she a crazy drunk girl?" I would make sure I was sitting on the bed with my back leaning against the wall. I just had to give him little kisses on his forehead, and lots of hugs! He was so sweet. Did I mention the fact that he was the most content baby I have ever seen.! He never cried, and would sometimes be asleep when she brought him. I think there was only once that he was left Alex in my care for like 3 1/2 hours. In that time I had to change his diaper (it was not bad), and give him a bottle (I warmed it up and everything). The mom was always concerned and wanted to make sure Alex did not fall off the bed, or I'd do something really crazy like try to walk around with him. She would call periodically to make sure that everything was going okay. I only watched him for three months. When he got in his squirmy crawly stage I knew it was all over for me. That is when he would crawl over and stick his finger in a light socket, or crawl into a corner and I could not get it to him! I was so grateful for her giving me the experience.

Here is a pic of Alex 1 of the days he was at my house. Don't ya just want to squeeze him!! I wish he was smiling so you could see his dimples. He is a young man now, and I am sure he is a heartbreaker!! Man, I feel soooooooo old. I have not seen him since he was a baby. Not too long after the gig was up they moved, and we lost contact:(

If I were to try and do that now everybody would be insane. My FA has progressed very much so since then. I have a hard time taking care of myself let alone trying to take care of a baby. I still love babies!! I can have children, but do not feel that it would be a good thing at all. Healthwise being pregnant is not the best option either for me. I have friends w/ FA who have had children, and God love them cause I could not do it! I am not opposed to being a mother, but there are other ways to make that happen. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I am nowhere near that bridge right now. Because I do have that mothering instinct it does make me sad to know that I will never be able to love a child in the way I want to. But life goes on, and we must learn to be happy with what we have! Everything happens for a reason, and God does not give us more than we can handle.

So tell me about your babysitting experience? Whether it would be your first or maybe something funny that happened like that the baby peeing on you when you changed its diaper!

Thanks for taking the time to read, MISS S

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