Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SR's 92- SMELLY ARMPIT (my 1st date)

When I got homecoming queen there was a light that went off for me telling me that I may could get some attention from boys! Up until that point I was of no interest to the male species, but I was still not holding my breath to be any different. My brother was dating a girl at the time (they are not together now) who lived in a town about 30 minutes away from us. I was friends with her, and went to stay the night and hang out with some of her friends. This was right after I got homecoming queen. We went over to her friend Smelly Armpit’s house (his last name was pit, and to distinguish him this is an appropriate name for him. Just roll with it!). Smelly A was not in the room when I got there so he did not see me walk all drunk. I was sitting on the couch when Smelly A entered. We were introduced, and Smelly A began quizzing me on who I was. Smelly kept saying how familiar I looked. Then Smelly A snapped his fingers, and said, “You were homecoming queen. I saw you on TV.” Smelly A proceeded to call his mom telling her that she wouldn't believe who was setting in the living room right now. That was the first time I really felt like a local celebrity! Until then I had never been given a shout out. We spent the evening at Smelly A’s house just visting. Smelly was so funny, and cute too! Then went home to my brothers girlfriends house at the time. Smelly A was invited to my friends house to play pool. On the way back to her house her and another girlfriend were saying to me that Smelly A was so sweet on me. That they had never seen Smelly A act like that before. I did not know what to say or any thing, I had never known what it is like to have someone like you. Smelly was cute, and a couple of years older. Smelly A did end up coming over, and we played pool until like 2 in the morning. At this time he saw me walk and I explained my disability to him. Smelly A was okay with it! Smelly A was a gentleman. Flirting a little, but mostly laughing. Smelly A made me feel comfortable. Before Smelly A left he asked me for my number. I was surprised at that moment that I even remembered it! We ended up talking on the phone for a couple of months before we went out. From our conversations I thought Smelly A was a good guy. Smelly A didn’t seem all that smelly! I was 17, and thinking that was a good age to have a first date. So my first date was on Friday the 13th! I will not go into big details for it was not all that and a bucket of chicken. Smelly A showed up late bringing a sour mood, and wearing a red buttoned-down shirt! That set the tone. I was not about to bring my wheelchair with me, and made the mistake of wearing these leather boot looking things that did not have much grip on the bottom. I do remember Smelly A giving me a piggyback ride to the theater doors because it started sprinkling. Wasn't that nice of Smelly A? We ended up going to see a stupid supposed to be horror movie called "people under the stairs." I give it two gigantic thumbs down! Smelly A was the one who really wanted to see it. I found out later in the car as we were discussing how sucky the movie was that Smelly A was not planning for us to watch most of the movie if you know what I'm saying! I do not know who Smelly A thought he was??? That’s when things started to get pretty smelly! From there we went to El Chico’s to eat, and our conversation was not good. Smelly A showed a completely different side of himself! Smelly A took me home, and I did give Smelly A a hug and we never spoke after that. It could have been worse I guess.

Since then my dating life has not been any thing to write home about. When I was 22 there was some boy drama that has taught me a life lesson that I will tell then. I told myself not too long ago that I was not going to throw myself pity parties anymore about not having a relationship. If it is part of God’s plan for me it will happen. So tell me about your first date? Inquiring minds want to know?

Thank you for taking the time to Read, Miss S


Kari said...

Hi Stephanie, its Kari Gilmore! Somehow I stumbled across your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely say you are a great and funny writer!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you are such an inspiration and a blessing to my life. I truthly enjoyed reading this story. I would have to say my first date was funny because it was a blind date I met him over the internet. We dated for 4 months then after that it all end with bad memories:-(